Joshua James Investments purchases off market site specific income producing properties or operating businesses for a selected group of members. Utilizing our investor's notifications of off market  sites, Joshua James Investment will begin a plan of action with a study of  pre-vetted and transparent due diligence materials, investment analysis, and marketing research to  create passive income for its members with  opportunities for above average appreciation of the investment, high Cash on Cash return, and an Exit Strategy. Unlike REITs,  that issue stocks on large portfolios, Joshua James Investments form Real Estate Syndications and Joint Ventures on specific properties that  its members have discovered in areas where they are more familiar.

Most investments require some form of property improvements through rehab, increased rents, and/or the passage of time, for equity creation to occur. The RE Syndication expects to invest in assets that have cash flow from tenants paying rent or business with years of operations. After expenses and debt service has been paid, investors will potentially receive distributions from the property. 


 As your Residential Real Estate Agent, licensed since 1972, I will market your home through channels such as social media, websites, multiple listing services, and utilizing my personal networking clients I have made in my 3o year career. I will conduct a comparative market analysis to demonstrate what other homes in your area have been sold for in the recent months and in the area you are seeking to relocate, discuss and analyze best alternatives that best fit your budget and criteria.

Members are encouraged  to  recommend investments in residential properties for warehousing, fix and flip, or  commercial income producing and value add sites, or small businesses.

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