THIS IS NOT A SOLICITATION - it is offered only to qualified investors who have chosen to register with Joshua James Investments, or for anyone who has information on properties ripe for investment, or for  persons who are seeking ot sell or purchase home a home throught  our brokerage services.

1. How do I get involved?

Finding property:     Joshua James Investments main emphasis is to find off the market properties. While commercial property is the main emphasis, such as muti-family properties or storage facilities, JJI occasionally will invest in residential property for a fix and flip, usually involving one or two investors. Off market commercial properties is our main emphasis, wherein, the participation of non-professional participants is vital.

As and Investor: You have a choice to invest with a select number of other investors on properties or to be the sole investor in a single specific property. Commercial property targets investors who will participate with multiple investors to with their cash investment drawing interest, a share of this net profits, and a percentage upon the sale of the property. Whereupon, you will be a part of an investment group for the type properties you prefer. You are updated through a private Email service and will see similar properties that fit your criteria.

Selling or purchasing a home:  Mr. Bill Wilson is an Associate Broker with Atlanta Communities Real Estate Brokerage in Metro-Atlanta, Georgia, with over 650 agents, in 5 locations. ACBR is a full service  real estate organization designed to be a lead agent and consultant in this new real estate environment and the growing trend of companies with specific interest and not on national branding campaigns for a national franchisor.

Please visit or Contact Page and tell us email address and in the message box, please indicate in what capacity you are registering. You will be contacted within 24 hours by email to answer and discuss all you interest.

2. In what type of real estate does Joshua James Investments invest?

There is  two primary categories of real estate investment strategies, each with its own risk and return characteristics. Moving between those strategies is a bit like stepping up the ladder in terms of taking on more risk, and in theory, being compensated for that risk with a higher return objective.

Value add:

Property characteristics: Lower occupancy or secondary market locations with an opportunity to increase value through renovations or re-positioning

Risk/Reward: Medium Leverage: Low to medium

Opportunistic Property characteristics:

Typically raw land or ground-up development with little to no near term cash flow

Risk/Reward: High Leverage: High

Active vs Passive:

The way an investor owns real estate can be just as important as the underlying real estate and investment strategy. Considerations need to be made for taxes, transparency, property operations, potential tenant issues, diversification and individual financial responsibility.

3. How do you determine in what properties to invest?

     All properties are individually chosen by the investors. JJI uses professionals to research each site. Factors looked at are:

      a. The Property (property condition, financials, comparable properties and tenant mix).

      b. The Location (population, employers, transportation).

      c. In addition, our team does site visits of every property to do market rental comparable surveys, review the property location, walk the property to determine the physical shape of the asset and  its  grounds, as well as assess desirability of the location for renters.

      d. JJI does not invest in properties requiring the new construction of a building; raw land as a standalone investment.

      e. Other factors considered is that commercial real estate equity investments will be subject to risks inherent in ownership of real estate. Real estate cash flows and values are affected by a number  of  factors, including competition from other available properties and our ability to provide adequate property maintenance and insurance and to control operating costs. Real estate cash flows   and values are also affected by such factors as government regulations (including zoning, usage and tax laws), interest rate levels, the availability of financing, property tax rates, utility expenses,  potential liability under environmental and other laws and changes in environmental and other laws.

    4. Why should I invest in commercial real estate investments?

    You have the potential to generate income and opportunity for capital appreciation — A key feature of commercial real estate investment is the significant proportion of total return accruing from rental income over the long term. Rental income can allow an investor to hold a commercial real estate investment through market cycles without having to liquidate the investment to generate cash flow.